Earth's Ecocide: Extinction 3147

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Table of Contents (Revising Now)

Chapter 1: Stealing
Chapter 2: Breathing
Chapter 3: Dinosaurs
Chapter 4: Stumps
Chapter 5: Suicide
Chapter 6: Hunting
Chapter 7: Escape
Chapter 8: Trapped
Chapter 9: Lockdown
Chapter 10: Last Battle
Chapter 11: Atonement

Chapter 12: Awakening

Chapter 13: Sovereigns

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Dedicated to a tiny speck

of wonder called Earth.

Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 (Available June, 2022)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Let There Be Light
Chapter 2: Discovery
Chapter 3: First Encounter
Chapter 4: Enlightenment
Chapter 5: Healing
Chapter 6: Chaos
Chapter 7: Second Encounter
Chapter 8: World Reaction
Chapter 9: Security
Chapter 10: Celsus
Chapter 11: Third Encounter

Chapter 12: Pyrrhic Victories

Chapter 13: A New Life
Chapter 14: Hunting

Chapter 15: Stampede

Chapter 16: Decisions

Author's Note

About the Author

​​​ A Champoid!

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​Below is what Florida looks like if sea levels rise eight meters. The new coast is Lakeland, Florida.​ 

Earth's Ecocide: Desperation  2647

​(coming early 2023, Atmosphere Press)

Table of Contents

Five Star Praise for Earth's Ecocide Novel Series

Chapter 1: Heat
Chapter 2: Blue Lights
Chapter 3: Enlightenment
Chapter 4: Duty
Chapter 5: Justice
Chapter 6: Confinement
Chapter 7: Lockdown
Chapter 8: Leave the Cave
Chapter 9: Great Filters
Chapter 10: Gravity

Chapter 11: Pallis3

Chapter 12: Beasts
Chapter 13: Second Chances

Chapter 14: Claire

Chapter 15: Fate

Author's Note
About the Author

All three novels in the Earth's Ecocide series are being published in 2022 - 2023. The website will be updated as they are published. 

​​Earth's Ecocide Novel