Future Books in the Entity Series

  • The Entity: Climate Change 2647 (forthcoming in early 2020)

  • The Entity: Climate Change 3147


The Entity: 2147

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Let There Be Light
Chapter 2: Discovery
Chapter 3: First Encounter
Chapter 4: Enlightenment
Chapter 5: Media Chaos
Chapter 6: Second Encounter
Chapter 7: World Reaction
Chapter 8: Healing
Chapter 9: Third Encounter
Chapter 10: Hope
Chapter 11: Celsus

Chapter 12: Decisions

Chapter 13: Pyrrhic Victories
Chapter 14: A New Life

Chapter 15: Hunting

Chapter 16: The Immaculate Gift
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        In 2147, technology has advanced far beyond what we experience today. Yet it is no match for nature’s awesome power. Humans have mastered a host of technologies like fusion energy and hydrogen-powered vehicles. We use digital currency, quantum computers, and virtual education. We designed and grown human body replacement parts. Humans established colonies on Mars and our Moon, and produce manufactured parts using 3D printing and planet dust. We have defeated most cancers and perfected robotic employees. But we still quarrel about fixing our own planet’s climate. 


The Entity: Climate Change 2647

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Duty
Chapter 2: Beasts
Chapter 3: Birds
Chapter 4: Blue Lights
Chapter 5: The Legacy
Chapter 6: Entanglement
Chapter 7: Confinement
Chapter 8: Leave the Cave
Chapter 9: Great Filters
Chapter 10: Gravity
Chapter 11: Second Chances

Chapter 12: Choices
About the Author

Forthcoming in early 2020.