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David A. Collier


Where are the movies about humanity coping with climate

change that provoke viewer emotions, outrage, and call to action? 

One of many reasons we don’t see these movies is the difficulty and delicate balance of crafting an action-packed and entertaining story, yet not alienating climate change non-believers and movie patrons. The Earth’s Ecocide science fiction book series tries to accomplish this feat and novel reviewers agree that author David A. Collier has accomplished this feat. It shows both young and adult readers an exciting, adventure-packed, fictional account of humanity’s one-thousand-year struggle to save Earth as a habitable planet. We must protect our home! 

In David A. Collier’s debut science fiction novel, Earth’s Ecocide: Hope 2147, a mysterious orb arrives on Earth offering a solution to an Earth ravaged by heat and flood. But humanity must overcome its greatest obstacle: itself. The burden of salvation falls on the shoulders of the Hickory family as fractured nations, ignorant governments, and ravenous media grapple with the orb’s arrival. The novel launches June, 2022 on Book Baby and Amazon.

The Earth’s Ecocide: Hope 2147 (launches June 13) by David A. Collier is clearly extremely passionate about his subject matter and has taken great pains to ensure that this series-opening novel presents the issues of climate change in an exciting and engaging fashion that will entertain readers, but also set them on a path to better eco-education. … Overall, Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 is a fascinating work that fans of climate fiction will undoubtedly enjoy. —K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite

The Earth’s Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (coming soon) is full of intriguing characters, an irresistible plot, and rich detail. …The characters are likable, and face so much responsibility. … This novel by David A. Collier is more than a novel. It can effect change and influence hearts and minds. 
—Tammy Ruggles, Readers Favorite

The Earth’s Ecocide: Extinction 3147 (coming soon) is a suspenseful, imaginative story. … The novel is well written with an interesting array of characters including humans and different types of robots. … All-round, a great novel highly recommended to young and old alike.
 —Natalie Soine, Readers Favorite

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