​​Earth's Ecocide Novel 

A quick look at the logic of the Earth's Ecocide novel series is best shown in two tables like at the end of Earth's Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (available at Atmosphere Press and Amazon, early spring 2023). But the tables did not present itself well on smaller screens, so here is the paragraph version.

Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 involves the Hickory family (Tom, Mattie, Ethan, and Jillian) who live in a world with over a one meter rise in global sea levels, a three degree Celsius (5.4 degree Fahrenheit) in global average temperature, with humanity barely coping with climate changes and its repercussions such as regional famine, moving smaller coastal cities, mass migrations, hydroponic indoor farming, nuclear war threats, high climate change costs, and millions of plants, animals, and humans dying. The protagonists are the Hickory family and the Orb. The antagonists are climate change, the US Army, and the Worldwide Media.

Earth's Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (coming early 2023, Atmosphere Press) involves the Paris family (Vela, Livia, Kutter, and home comfort robot NILA), The family lives in Lakeland, Florida in a world with eight meters of sea level rise and a five degree Celsius (nine degrees Fahrenheit) increase in global average temperatures. They live in a world where governments are collapsing, worldwide famine, moving big coastal cities, mass migration of hundreds of millions of people, wars over water, the rise of insects and disease, nuclear war threats, climate change costs to high too fund, and billions of plants, animal, and humans dying. The protagonists are the Paris family, Plato, and The Orb. The antagonists are climate change, Doctor Hamlet, the media, and the US government.

Earth's Ecocide: Extinction 3147 (coming in late 2023) involves the Torg family (Ula, Tan, Ato, Yot) who live in an underground city called Ridge City. The world's oceans have risen seventy meters and the heat on the Earth's surface (called the upside in the novel) is too hot for humans. DORG, the robot society leader of the Imperium, controls one-hundred percent of the upside. There are no human governments or institutions left on the upside, only 2,076 people left on Earth in Ridge City. The Imperium controls all nuclear weapons and Earth's resources, climate change costs are now unimportant, and the upside is filled with toxic water, oceans, and violent weather (i.e., Earth's biosphere is chaotic). The protagonists are the Torg family, Jax (dog), Koa, Plato, and intelligent robots STX and JORT, and the Orb. The antagonists are climate change, the Imperium robot society, and of course, the hated robot leader, DORG.

A fourth novel is possible titled, Earth's Ecocide: Ceva, as suggested by the last line in Earth's Ecocide: Extinction 3147.

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