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  • ​I could have written a science fiction book series with no relevance to issues of the day, but I didn’t choose the easier path. The following quote embodies the approach I followed in past work (e.g., academic journal articles, case studies, and college textbooks). “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I hope you enjoy the stories in the book series and they inspire you to protect our home planet, so future generations can enjoy its majesty. ​​ David A. Collier 2016

​​Earth's Ecocide Novel 

The Earth's Ecocide Series Log Lines

  • What will life be like if global average temperatures increase 2, 4 or 8 degrees Celsius?  What will life be like if sea levels increase 1, 10 or 70 meters? What if both happen?

  • A mysterious orb arrives on Earth, in Collier's debut novel, Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147, offering a solution to an Earth ravaged by heat and flood. But humanity must overcome its greatest obstacle: itself. The burden of salvation falls on the shoulders of the Hickory family as fractured nations, ignorant governments, and ravenous media grapple with the orb’s arrival.

  • Earth’s Ecocide: Desperation 2647 continues the one-thousand-year struggle of humanity to save Earth as a habitable planet. The story ends with a unique solution for the Paris family—one of hope and eternal love. 

    Earth’s Ecocide: Extinction 3147 follows the story of the Torg family as it fights for survival against climate change and a second ominous antagonist, artificial intelligence, and must defeat the leader of the Imperium robot society named DORG.

  • If you would like more information on the Earth’s Ecocide novel series, visit (www.theentity.us) or (store.bookbaby.com/book/earths-ecocide) or (www.amazon.com/books).