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The Entity Book Series

      The Entity book series chronicles the one-thousand-year struggle of humanity to save Earth as a habitable planet. The series begins with three novels in the years 2147, 2647 and 3147. Far more is at risk than losing coastal cities and land. The effects of climate change will upend everyone’s life.  Will institutions survive? Will governments fail?  Will democracy endure?  Will capitalism prevail? Will humanity survive? Does humanity have the political will to solve the climate problem? Are the adversary’s technology, the universal laws of thermodynamics, or humankind itself?    

​​​Other thoughts

         We protect our homes, property and loved ones, but not the planet that makes life possible. Why do humans think this way? Hunger. Stupidity. Ignorance. Greed. Or What? As Plato would advise the prisoners of the cave, we need to establish a strong emotional connection between humanity and Earth’s unlimited beauty. We must adopt Plato’s world of forms, not the world of things. The global movie industry can help us motivate humanity to action as worthy custodians of Earth’s biosphere. Where are the dramatic movies and video streaming series on climate change that makes the audience wail, mourn, get angry, and act? We must persuade our leaders and politicians to enact laws and regulations to mediate and stop climate shift, not tomorrow but today. It’s a matter of marketing and governance, not technology.

​My first goal is to influence today’s media to intensify their efforts to educate and sell humanity on the urgent need to solve the climate crisis. We must do this in an entertaining (called biztainment) and compelling way. Millions of articles, editorials, and scientific documentaries proclaim the hazards of a changing climate. We applaud these efforts but they are not enough. Technical arguments don’t persuade many people. Plato knew this 2,500 years ago. 

My second, more myopic, goal is to show the readers of The Entity book series ‘what life will be like’ if we continue to desecrate Earth’s biosphere. Each novel reveals a story of coping with climate change through the adventures of a single family. The family is always the protagonist. One relentless antagonist is climate change with a second antagonist emerging later in the series. 

I could have written a book series with no relevance to issues of the day, but I didn’t choose the easier path. The following quote embodies the approach I followed in the past for example articles and textbooks. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I hope you enjoy the stories in the book series and they motivate you to protect this tiny speck of wonder called Earth.