David A. Collier, born in Lexington Kentucky, earned his first two academic degrees at the University of Kentucky. After working in corporate America, he enrolled in a Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University. Upon earning his doctorate, he joined the faculty at Duke University and later taught in the business schools at the University of Virginia, The Ohio State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and in the United Kingdom at the University of Warwick. Dr. Collier has taught undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, and in numerous executive programs. 

After decades of authoring scholarly research articles, business cases, numerous best paper awards, five college textbooks, and over 5,000 plus reads and 3,000 citations of his scholarly articles, he wanted a new challenge—writing novels. 

The Entity: 2147 is the first in a series of science fiction novels. 

Dr. Collier lives in south Florida with his wonderful wife Cynthia and their two Shih Tzus. Dr. collier and his wife enjoy travel, boating, golf, and every single second on the amazing planet called Earth. David is an avid sports fan, and if time permits, he reads astronomy, sustainability, and science literature. 


Contact dac@theentity.us

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