David A. Collier, Author

Does humanity have the political will to solve the global climate crisis? Is the adversary inadequate technology, the universal laws of thermodynamics, or humankind itself? 

David A. Collier

Author of Book Series

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Meanwhile, average global temperature has increased 5.4°F (3°C) from 1990 to 2147. Heat kills millions of people while sea level rise forces them from their homes. With no ice on the North Pole, the thermodynamics of the Earth has changed. Permafrost has melted and released stored methane gas. Ocean currents and weather patterns have changed. Drinking water has become scarce and triggered wars. Humans have abandoned islands and coastal cities unfit for human habitation. Most human institutions have clung to power. 

With earth ravaged by heat and flood, an entity arrives offering a solution. The promise of rescue is now within reach, but humanity must overcome its greatest obstacle: itself.

The devastating inertia of climate change is unforgiving. Humanity has passed the tipping point. This book series chronicles the struggle of humanity to save Earth as a habitable planet.