• ​What will life be like if global average temperatures increase 2, 4 or 6 degrees Celsius? 

  • What will life be like if global sea levels increase 1, 10 or 100 meters?

  • What if both happen?

To find the answers read the science fiction book series The Entity: 2147 published in 2018 (Amazon and Authorhouse), The Entity: Climate Change 2647 published in May 2020 (Authorhouse), The Entity: Extinction 3147 forthcoming, and ???? 

David A. Collier

Author of Book Series

With earth ravaged by heat and flood, an entity arrives offering a solution. The promise of rescue is now within reach, but humanity must overcome its greatest obstacle: itself.

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David A. Collier, Author


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The science fiction book series begins with three novels in the years 2147, 2647 and 3147. It takes one-thousand years to see the disastrous effects of climate change. The devastating inertia of climate change is unforgiving. Humanity has passed the tipping point.

Far more is at risk than losing coastal cities and land. The effects of climate change will upend everyone’s life.  Will institutions survive? Will governments fail?  Will democracy endure?  Will capitalism prevail? Will your standard of living perish? Will humankind survive? Does humanity have the political will to solve the climate crisis?

Are the adversary’s technology, the universal laws of thermodynamics, or humankind itself?